About Me

I am Frater Pele also know as Ryhan Higgins Orshalev, and I have been active in the A.'. A.'. since 2006.  During that time I also completed an MA in history and philosophy.  Since 1999 until the I had been experimenting with ceremonial magick and shamanism and seriously took up Raja Yoga in 2000.  

Until now I have also studies martials arts including Ju Jitsu, Tai Chi, Russian sSystema, Dim Mak and  Hun Gar Kung Fu.  I have also had the good fortune of having semi professional career as a percussionist both on tour and in the studio for a number of years while living in Montreal.  

Currently I live in Israel and when not teaching, I am working on several books, one fiction, one on metaphysics.  One book called 'Shades of Light and Darkness' is already available on Amazon for those interested click the link: 

This book is a compilation and reflection on my astral workings with the sigils in Liber 231 during my Neophyte grade.  It includes a qabalistic commentary, essays, and indepth analysis.  Of course keeping with A.'. A.'. traditions all the material in this book is also available for free on this site under 'articles-work'.  

I'm currently working on a work of fiction analogous to Cohelo's 'The Alchemist' but with a different setting and different characters and a Thelemic twist to the theme.  I am almost finished my work on 'Thelemic Metaphysics' which I hope to publish in this comming fall equinox, gods and my abilities permitting!

To support this philosophical effort I have a blog at www.de-liberation.com, the goal is to present philosophy as both a form of gnanna yoga and a vehicle for historical change to the the average and advanced reader.  Here I toy with many ideas that will make their way into my book.